STEP 1: Take the style quiz 

STEP 2: Schedule your discovery phone call

STEP 3: Purchase your design package

  • Click the link above to go to the package purchase page. Payment must be received before the design process begins.

  • Once you’ve made your purchase, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire to assess the needs and wants for your room and help us get to know your style preferences and personality.

  • You will also be asked to upload photos of the room from all angles. Some clients send us a video of the room as well, which is always helpful too!

STEP 4: Sketch a floor plan of the room and send a photo of the sketch to

  • You're welcome to hand-draw your floor plan (see example below), but please be sure to include dimensions like ceiling height, doorways, windows, and any important architectural elements as well as the dimensions of any items currently in the space that you're planning to keep.

  • If you live locally, talk to us about our room-measuring service.


How to draw a floor plan:

1. Draw a basic room sketch

2. Label the lengths of all wall segments, doors, windows, openings, stairs, etc...

3. Measure each segment and include it in a key under your sketch

4. Don't forget to include ceiling height

5. Snap a photo of your drawing and email it to

STEP 5: Send inspiration photos. 

Find pictures of rooms that show your style and either create a Pinterest/Houzz board for them (send the link/invitation to collaborate to or email them directly. This is a very important part of the process to ensure that we understand your vision for the look and feel of the space.  

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 10.13.48 AM.png


Once we have all the information and you've purchased your package, the real fun starts - the design phase! We'll contact you to let you know where you are in our queue for designs and when you can expect your first deliverable from us: a design board. Once we start the design phase, you will receive a design board through our client portal within the first week, and you'll be able to provide feedback at that time. You can request up to two revisions of this board; we want to make sure that your design feels steeped in your unique personality.  Here's an example of what a design board might look like: 



Once the design phase is complete, you'll receive your final design package, which includes:

  • A detailed rendering of what the room will realistically look like with the furniture and decor in place. Here is an example of a 2D rendering:

Updated Modern Farmhouse LR.png


  • A floor plan to scale, showing all furniture and lighting placements. Here is an example:

sample floorplan.jpg


  • A shopping list with links to the products and purchasing information for retail pieces, as well as detailed set up instructions.

  • Talk to us if you’re interested in trade-only and custom pieces. We provide that service. These types of pieces are sure to elevate your space.

  • All you need to do is click on the links for the items you’d like to purchase. You're free to purchase the items and implement the plan at your own pace. Nothing makes us happier than knowing we’ve helped eliminate the stress and uncertainty that often goes hand-in-hand with making design decisions. We love helping people and we love what we do! Here is an example shopping list:

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 12.01.40 PM.png

First, schedule your discovery call, then we’ll discuss the consultation options, and finally, you purchase the design package that’s right for you.


Check out our FAQ page, email us at,  or schedule your complimentary 30-minute discovery call here!