Step 1 // The Discovery Call

We start with a Discovery Call to get the ball rolling with your project. Whether you are certain you want full-service design, you’re a DIY’er, or you don’t know where to begin, we can help you navigate the best next steps in your design project. We can also explain what it’s like to work with us and how we’ll take your space through our design process.

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The In-home Consultation

Step 2 is the Design Consultation. This is a power-packed meeting where we get to lay eyes on your project firsthand and listen to all your wishes and needs.

What to Expect from the Initial Consult:

  • Jen or Annabel will spend up to two hours at your home to discuss as many spaces as you'd like. Sometimes it's helpful to walk the entire home, other times it's most beneficial to discuss only one space.

  • This consultation should benefit YOU as much as possible, so if that means offering design advice, showing us how you live in the space, and/or learning more about our "next steps" or "full-service" options, we can work on whatever works best for you. If you have specific expectations for what you'd like to accomplish, please let us know so we can best serve you. While in your home, we will ask a lot of questions, take notes and also take photos so when we leave your home we can continue to think about your project, share ideas with each other, and understand more about what you're looking for.

  • At the initial consultation, if you decide you’d like to move forward with a full-design project of a luxury DIY eDesign package, we will hang on to our notes so that we can refer to them as we work on your design. If you decide you’re ready to tackle your project on your own, we will leave you all the notes to help you.

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Step 3 // Design Plan, Procurement/Build, & Completion

Our full-service design package is perfect for someone who is looking for concierge-level service. We plan and manage all aspects of your project from start to finish. Whether it’s a full remodel or just re-painting and new decor, this service covers it all. At the consultation we go over your wants and needs for the space, we then come up with a design plan that is both functional and beautiful, and we make sure no detail is left undone. We provide more details about the steps of this process, how it works, and how we charge in our initial phone call and consultation.