What Do You Get When A Millennial & A Gen Xer Team Up?

The Trim Difference!

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A little backstory about how Trim Design Co. came to be and what we’re all about…


Annabel & Jen met while working at a full-service interior design firm in Boston where they bonded immediately: a shared passion for interior design, world travel, the hunt for that perfect vintage piece, and one-of-a kind kilim loafers made up the common denominator. Add to the mix that they are both former educators with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and it wasn’t long before the idea for Trim Design Co. was hatched. The two saw an interior design problem waiting to be solved: How to fuse the quality, service and product expected from traditional, full-service interior design with the practicality and convenience of eDesign. Their solution: Trim Design Co.

Jen lives on Boston’s North Shore with her husband and three daughters, where she moonlights as an estate sale sleuth, master chef, and mixologist. Annabel lives in Boston with her husband and frenchie, Mona (and a girl baby arriving April 2020!). She enjoys oil painting, and, like many elder millennials, is addicted to podcasts and avocado toast.


So, what do you get when two vintage-loving former teachers become interior designers?

Finally…A Plan:

You get an achievable action plan to create the home you always wanted (and a home that doesn’t look just like your neighbor’s).  Teachers are experts at taking really big ideas and breaking them down into manageable, bite-size pieces that you can easily understand. That’s what we do best.

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Expert Listeners: 

We excel at listening and observing. We take all the big ideas, dreams, and visions you have for your home and articulate them into a plan of attack that seems doable, not daunting.


Our Secret Sauce:

You better believe we always add a good dose of unique vintage and artisanal pieces to your design to get that signature Bohoditional look we describe as “Classic pieces; bohemian point of view.”


Trim Design Co. | Customized Interior Design Services To Suit Your Needs

We know interior design is not a “one-size-fits-all” service. That’s why our services were developed to best suit your unique needs. Find out which package might be best for you:

Luxury DIY Design Package (eDesign)

We specialize in customized eDesign and developed our Luxury DIY Design Package specifically to fit your busy lifestyle. Working hand-in-hand with you online, we create an individualized plan that gives you the confidence and tools to implement your custom room design at your own pace, when the time is right for you. We source vintage, artisanal and trade-only products to help you create a home steeped in individuality. Find out more about how eDesign works here. Trust us, you’ll love it!

Full Service Interior Design Package

Prefer us to handle all the details? From start to finish we are right there with you bringing your vision to life. From room refreshes to kitchen and bath renovations, we will take your space from blah to beautiful, soup to nuts.

5-Hours of Design Time

We like to call this “our tapas course.” Not quite a full design package meal, but not quite an appetizer in-home consult either. The 5-hour flat fee design package is perfect if you prefer to purchase a block of design time to use however you wish. We can source products for you, style a space, guide you through the Boston Design Center or our favorite vintage shops….really, the way you use the time is wide open. You can also purchase it once you’ve got your Room Design Plan and we can help you with procuring products and implementation.


Why Trim?

All those years creating lesson plans means we love systems & processes.

That’s why we developed Trim’s signature 13-step process for our full-service clients. It provides a roadmap for you and for us that clearly outlines all the steps that go into a full room design. We share it with you at our first meeting so you know exactly what to expect when working with us and can refer back to it throughout the project. Start with a phone call to learn more and to talk about your specific project needs.

Only Trim

Trim is the only interior design studio incorporating vintage and artisanal items into every full-service design and eDesign we do, creating homes steeped in individuality.  Trim’s secret ingredient? Its cofounders: A millennial and Gen Xer creating beautiful spaces, neither too trendy nor too traditional, but always “so you.”


Give us a call—we’d love to hear from you about your next home project!