Trim Design Co. | Fall Newsletter 2019


Straight from the Horse’s…errr, Camel’s…Mouth

Bohoditional Team

TRIM DESIGN CO. | 9.26.19

Hello from Jen & Annabel,

There's just something about fall that gets us organizing and planning and doing!

It has been a flurry of activity over here at Trim with lots in the works as we fine tune all that we do so that we can provide you with the best service possible. And one of the things we’ve implemented is this quarterly newsletter—we like to think of it as Trim’s version of The Skimm. It’s a round up of all that’s been happening around here so that you don’t miss anything that might help or inspire you in your home. And this being the last Thursday or Q3, we’re rolling out our newsletter. So feel free to skim…or dive in!

BIG LITTLE NEWS! | 9.23.19


Annabel announced via Instagram just three days ago that she and her husband Kean are expecting their first child this coming April! Woo hoo!! So, get ready for court-side seats to their guest-room-cum-nursery transformation. If you’re planning your own nursery design or helping a loved one with theirs, you won’t want to miss the inspo and tips that Annabel shares in her own deep-dive into all things bebe. You know it’s gonna be good!

And of course, if you’re looking for help designing a nursery, look no further. We now have a resident expert on hand to take your baby’s room from bare bones to beautiful and functional.

baby converse

OUR SERVICES | 9.26.19

Full Service & Luxury DIY eDesign

We are always working to provide you with the best service for what you want and need for your home. And while Trim specializes in customized eDesign to help you transform your space wherever you might live, we have been lucky enough this year to also work on several in-person, local remodeling and decorating projects with you. We absolutely love the opportunity to do both!

To make it clearer on our website the ways we can serve you, we’ve streamlined our design services into two design “journeys”: Our Full Service Package & our Luxury DIY eDesign Package. And fear not, we most definitely still have our very popular 5-hour blocks of design time available, where you can use our time working with you to best suit your specific decorating needs.


Come See Us at the Boston Design Center!

We are super excited to announce that the Shophouse by Trim now has a presence in the Boston Design Center!

We have been busily moving our vintage treasures into place in the Design Center’s Market Stalls. The Market Stalls, located in the recently renovated second floor west wing of the Design Center houses a 10,000-square foot boutique-style market, featuring high-quality antiques sourced from around the globe. What better brick & mortar location for The Shophouse than this?! We should be all moved in and set up by October 1, just in time for Boston Design Market Textile Stroll October 2, 11-2. We’d love for you to swing by!

And, if you live beyond the Boston area, our curated collection is still available online here.

Chinese Elm Sideboard


While we’ve been busy readying our nest over here at Trim, we know you’ve been doing much of the same in your own homes. Fall just has that effect. Whether you’re contemplating a major renovation, a room refresh, or something in between, you might be wondering if bringing in a designer would help.

These are the most common reasons people reach out to us to work together.

  • You’re so busy working, parenting, and running the household you don’t have time to take on the minutia involved in transforming your home. And yet it is driving you nuts when you look around and see that unfinished, impersonal room.

  • You know what you like when you see it (thank you very much, Pinterest and Instagram!), but you’re just not sure how to pull it all together in your own space.

  • You’re so done living in The Frat House. It’s time for an upgrade!

  • The options out there are endless. Someone please help save you from drowning in indecision.

  • You’re in a new home and your old furniture just isn’t cutting it.

Give us a call or drop us a line. It’s a great way to run your ideas past us and see how we might best be able to help you tackle your next design hurdle.

Cheers! Jen & Annabel (1).png