Trim Design Co. | Week 5: Crunch Time!

Trim Design Co. | One Room Challenge Guest Participant, Spring 2019

Trim Design Co. | One Room Challenge Guest Participant, Spring 2019

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If you’re just joining us here at Trim Design Co., Annabel and I are tackling our first ever One Room Challenge as guest participants this spring. We are taking on a room in my own home—one that used to be a home office that we’re transforming into a mini-master bedroom so my three daughters can have their own bedrooms upstairs (and my husband and I can have a little sanity!).

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And this week, it is Crunch Time! We have one week until we fully reveal the space to all of you, so all the parts of the puzzle really need to come together quickly.

You might remember what the room looked like originally . It was first an office for the previous owner and then our makeshift bedroom (sheets for curtains and all!) when we relinquished the three upstairs bedrooms in our home to our girls. You can see the home office version of the room and the frat house bedroom version in the first two pics below.

The last two in this grid show you one of the major design challenges we faced in here: How to make a window that is centered within the room, but is not centered under the tray ceiling (or to be more clear, is not centered behind where the bed will be) appear to be centered? Our solution? To hang drapes outside of the window frame (left side) to make it appear that the window is wider than it truly is, and that it's centered behind where the bed will go even though it’s not.

This was one of those solutions we weren’t sure was going to pan out even though the idea sounded good. Would you be able to tell the window ended and the drapes were just covering up wall? Would it look weird? Regardless, we decided to give it a shot!

First, we mounted a simple, black wraparound curtain rod we’d bought from Urbanest on Wayfair. Since we have brass accents in the sconces and dresser hardware, we decided grounding things with a little black that picks up the black in the vintage rug for the room would be a good idea—it also keeps the blush room looking more sophisticated than saccharine.

And, do you love the sconces?? They’re so cozy. Oh, and the estate sale x-bench is just there for now. Not staying—that fabric would really clash with all that we’ve got planned!

And, do you love the sconces?? They’re so cozy. Oh, and the estate sale x-bench is just there for now. Not staying—that fabric would really clash with all that we’ve got planned!

Here’s refresher of the vintage heriz rug going in this room:

Vintage Heriz rug

Once the curtain rod was hung, we hung the drapes…

My very helpful and talented mother in law, Becky Dulac, did so much of the seamstress work on this project for us, I cannot thank her enough! She helped with the curtains and they came out beautifully. We used a flowy off-white linen fabric that drapes really nicely. Becky didn’t do pleats in them (per our request), we wanted more of a relaxed, simple, modern feel. We attached them to the rod using clips on simple round rings.

What do you think? Would your eye be tricked into thinking this window is centered? Pretty convincing, right?! And I love the softness and texture the Hunter Douglas Roman shades bring into the room—they really tie in the grasscloth on the ceiling so well! In fact, I just realized I haven’t showed you pictures of the shades installed! They’re beautiful!

Hunter Douglas Provenance

Here they are on the big bay window on the other side of the room. We are not doing any other window treatments here. To be honest, I usually just prefer woven blinds and not additional drapes, but in the case of the other window, I really like how the drapes work to trick the eye.

Final Details

The other big and exciting thing that happened this week is our throw pillows were completed (thanks again to Becky!!). We are really loving the fabric for these beauties! If you recall, we’d found a single remnant of a velvet leopard print from Schumacher on Etsy at a fraction of the per-yard price. The color is definitely more citrin than olive (the dressers will be dark olive), but we like that it’s not matchy-matchy and will bring a lot of texture and light into the scene. Plus, when you love a beautiful fabric, you make it work! I mean, don’t you just want to pet this pillow?!?

Schumacher Madeleine velvet

And then, for the two large squares (we decided on 2-24” squares and the single 14x27” lumbar so we didn’t go too pillow crazy), we used one of our all-time favorite block prints from Michael S Smith’s Jasper Collection-Indian flower in Pink & Green. The pink is definitely more of a corally spice color and holds its own against the vibrant pattern of the heriz rug. And the green leaves pull more olive than the leopard print lumbar, so they’ll relate really well to the dark olive bureaus.


And, lastly…the bureaus have arrived! Another Becky, Becky from Becky’s Furniture by Design here in Marblehead, MA helped us with this part of the project. And she did an amazing job refinishing these faux bamboo dressers. Take a peek!

Stay tuned for the big reveal next week! In the meantime, have you taken our style quiz yet? Check it out to see if your true style is Classic Coastal, Boho Chic, Rustic Industrial, Modern Farmhouse or New Traditional. And get our design tips for how to achieve that style in your own home.