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Week 4: Paint Panic Sets In

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It’s Week 4 of the One Room Challenge and Annabel and I hit a moment of Paint Panic!

Ahhhh…..the magic (or sorcery) of paint. We all know it can transform a room, but it can also transform us into incensed lunatics!

You might think paint selection is always easy for designers. That we look at paint colors and read about paint colors day in and day out, so choosing just the right one is like sixth sense we have. But, paint is a fickle friend, no matter who’s on the selecting side of things! And believe me, even designers can get paint wrong.

And you know what, try as we might to cover all our bases, buy tons of sample cans, do our due diligence before committing to a color, we still don’t always get it right. But the thing is, at the end of the day, decorating a room in your home is supposed to be fun—you’re creating a space that’s better than what was there before. One that’ll soothe you, or energize you, or help you focus, and hopefully always make you smile. So, it’s o.k to not get the paint right on the first try—although it will cost you a can of paint!

Decorating a room in your home isn’t life or death, so you need to give yourself permission to take risks, to experiment, to see what happens… Annabel and I do that all the time in our own homes. That’s why we’re constantly rearranging, testing things out, “faffing” as the British like to say! You have to be ok with making mistakes. And yes, it can be (and is) stressful! There’s no doubt about it, but don’t let that keep you from taking a risk! The reward is oh so worth it—even alongside the mistakes that will inevitably come. Still, knowing this didn’t take away the stress we had finalizing the paint color for our Mini-Master-Makeover!

Even though we’d slapped up those samples of paints and thought 100% we were gonna go with C2 Wink for the Mini-Master-Makeover…

We changed our minds.

Of course, we didn’t change our minds until coats 1 & 2 were already up on the wall…Murphy’s Law, Right?!

But, the glowing blush pink we were going forjust looked…yellow/off-white :( In fact, our painter and wallpaper installer extraordinaire Tony Paradise , didn’t see ANY blush or pink tones in it at all. Just yellow. Definitely NOT what we were hoping for! BTW, if you’re local to the Marblehead, MA area and are looking for a wallpaper installer, Tony did an amazing job papering this very challenging tray ceiling in this bedroom as you’ll soon see in the reveal. And next, he’ll be working on my entry hallway, which I can’t wait to share with you soon! Definitely give him a call (just wait till after he’s done at my house!).

See how muted and blah this first paint looks? No real color at all!


We switched over to Benjamin Moore Warm Blush 892 (the other contender in the batch), which we had tried on the wall during preliminary testing at first. But, at that time, we didn’t think it was quite right. But, once it went up over the C2 Wink, we knew it was the right color!

Here it is with the first part of the tray ceiling papered along with BM Warm Blush:


Much better.

Ceiling Details

Here is a closeup of the grass cloth on the ceiling. It’s beautiful! It really envelops the room and makes it feel unbelievably cozy with all its texture. And I love the subtle herringbone pattern! (and wait till we show you it with the woven Roman shades going up!!!)…and that vintage rug just waiting to be displayed!

herringbone grasscloth wall covering

Ceilings are so often overlooked as a place to add some fun personality and character in a room! Definitely consider your ceiling next time you’re thinking of revamping a space. Could you add wallpaper? Paint it a color other than plain ‘ole ceiling white? Paint it the same color you paint the walls? If you come by our blog when I post about our completed front entry in a few weeks, you’ll see I’m painting the ceiling Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue in there to pick up a color in the wallpaper pattern! (well, of course, that’s the plan now—but you never know, right?!)

Here is the bedroom ceiling, wall paper completed:

grasscloth ceiling

Next Up!

As we head in to Week 5 (gasp!!!) I’ll give you a hint of what’s to come:

I’m heading to Paris with my oldest daughter, my mom, my sister and my niece for a very special trip tomorrow this week! We’re so excited about it all, and of course I’m also nervous about what will (or won’t) get done on the project while I’m away.

As I type, I’m waiting with baited breath to see if the fabric we’ve decided on for those last throw pillows can be ordered in time to reach my mother in law by this Friday so she has time to sew the pillows! We did one last trek to Zimman’s fabric store today and did purchase some back-up fabric. But it honestly doesn’t hold a candle to our first choice (which I’m going to keep a secret for now—you’ll have to wait for the final reveal!!). So, fingers crossed we can get our first choice. And don’t worry, we’ll find a place for the back-up fabric (like throw pillows for my sofa! You can never have enough pillow options, right?!)

The Roman shades will go in. The drapes my Mother in Law sewed will go up to make this window in above picture look centered. And we’ll hopefully be able to get our electrician back in to install the new trim for the recessed lights, the fan, and of course the sconces (and cover up those old outlets at the top of the wall above). Finally, Becky from Becky’s Furniture by Design is finishing up those dark olive green dressers for us! Here’s sneak peak of how the brass hardware is polishing up:

How great are those going to look against glossy olive green dressers? I cannot wait to see! Becky is using Citristrip to remove the factory paint that was on the hardware. Citristrip works great for stuff like that.


We are getting near the homestretch with our One Room Challenge! Be sure to head over to the main site and check out all the featured designers’ and other guest designers’ projects. And stop back here (or sign up below and get it right in your inbox!) next week to see if things are moving in the right direction over here at Trim!

— Jen & Annabel