What Do You Get When A Millennial & A Gen Xer Team Up?

What Do You Get When A Millennial & A Gen Xer Team Up?

The Trim Difference! Annabel & Jen met while working at a full-service interior design firm in Boston where they bonded immediately: a shared passion for interior design, world travel, the hunt for that perfect vintage piece, and one-of-a kind kilim loafers made up the common denominator.

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Read This Before You Start Your Holiday Shopping


It’s almost December- time to start thinking about holiday gift shopping!  Racking your brain trying to find the perfect gift for a Super-Selective-Sally or an Already-Has-Everything-Emma?  Maybe you’ve got new homeowners on your list, or a recent grad (or parents with young kids) suffering from a bad case of frat-house syndrome?

Don’t stress; we’ve got the perfect gift!  Instead of adding to the clutter and risking giving your loved ones another item they may not want, give them the gift of customized design services to maximize the impact of what they already have!  

A gift card from Trim Design Co. can be applied toward any of our consult, space-planning, or full eDesign packages.  Keep reading to learn why Trim is unlike other design firms and how your loved one can use this gift to transform their home into a deeply personal and curated oasis.


It all started when Jen and I began working together at a full-service interior design firm, where we bonded immediately over our shared background as teachers and our mutual love for one-of-a-kind kilim loafers from Artemis Design Co.  (shout out to our girl Milicent, Artemis founder and fellow Boston-based boss babe!). While working together, Jen and I realized that there was a huge gap between the available design models of eDesign and full-service.


On one end, there are the big eDesign companies, offering consumers an online room design and shopping list for a very low price.  Some investigating to figure out how they managed to charge so little for their design services revealed that the typical eDesign business model relies on affiliate links for the majority of revenue.  Basically, you might pay only a few hundred dollars for the design, but every item on your shopping list of furnishings is purchased through an affiliate link that earns the eDesign company a large commission.  So they’re actually making several times the amount you paid for the design. The problem? The companies that offer the largest affiliate link commissions to eDesigners are big chain stores, so you’re getting a design that only uses furniture from a few big-box furniture stores and looks exactly like a catalogue a.k.a. no personality!   


On the other end of the spectrum are full-service designers.  And while these designers can technically source furnishings from anywhere, the majority prefer to rely on trade-only brands available through their local design center.  The reason for this is that trade-only brands sell to designers at a discount, so the designers can re-sell to their clients at retail price and keep the difference. While this is standard and totally fair because the markup pays for the designer’s time spent sourcing and ordering, it means that once again you are getting a room design in which the furnishings are all brand new, quite expensive, and look a lot like all the other designer-decorated homes because everyone is using the same vendors.  

We looked at these two options and cried: What about vintage? What about handcrafted pieces by local artisans? What about emerging brands and craftspeople from around the world offering those special one-of-a-kind pieces? Are they off limits just because they won’t earn us a commission when our client purchases them?  

ACS_0627 2.JPG

We decided to take a risk and bet that you’d be willing to pay a little more up front for the design (to cover our time since we wouldn’t be earning commissions) if it meant we prioritized vintage and artisan-crafted pieces when sourcing for our designs.  


So we put our heads together and hatched the idea for Trim Design Co. a boutique eDesign firm on a mission to disrupt eDesign by reimagining the designer-client relationship & fusing the best aspects of the full-service design experience with the convenience of online collaboration.  Trim is the only eDesign firm incorporating vintage and artisanal items into every design, creating homes steeped in individuality.

Here’s how we do it:

  • RADICAL COLLABORATION:  At Trim, we partner with our clients, soliciting their feedback throughout the design process, so they never feel steamrolled. When clients work with us, they get all the quality of full-service design without any of the ego.

  • TRANSPARENCY:  Our flat fee pricing means clients enter the design process worry free. As we work together with our clients to fine-tune their design, they don’t need to worry that asking for a revision will mean more charges.

  • A PERFECT MARRIAGE:  Unlike the mass-market "churn-it-out” rooms typically associated with eDesign, our model fuses the convenience of eDesign with the best aspects of traditional full-service interior design: close designer-client collaboration, impeccable attention to detail, and customization.

  • EMPATHY & CUSTOMIZATION: For us, it’s all about making a home one-of-a-kind, creating rooms that evoke specific emotions, that are extensions of our clients' personalities and lifestyles. We take on fewer projects so we can delve deep, listening to each client’s goals and struggles.  We translate their story into an environment that's not only functional, but also serves as a personal haven from the everyday rush.  

  • A FRESH PERSPECTIVE: Our super power? Infusing eclectic, California modern style into homes filled with traditional architectural details, striking the perfect bohoditional balance.  We blend the best of today’s furnishings with pieces curated from different eras and points on the globe. Our designs eschew the trends, instead setting the bar for great taste.

  • THE X/Y FACTOR: Our secret ingredient is our multi-generational perspective- A millennial and Gen Xer creating beautiful spaces, neither too trendy nor too traditional, but always “so you.”  

What is eDesign exactly?  

Our online process uses email and software platforms to provide exceptional design service streamlined for your busy lifestyle.  You'll share information about your project, measurements and photos of your space, and images that inspire you. Then we'll get to work on your custom design, sourcing pieces to showcase your unique personality and creating a space that’s curated, not decorated.  Our flat-fee pricing menu means you know exactly what you'll be paying up front - no hidden fees or fine print, ever. We also offer facetime consults via phone and space-planning services.

What’s included in an eDesign package?

  • A design board, containing images of proposed furnishings and decor

  • A 2D rendering of your design, visually depicting what your space will look like with the furniture and decor in place

  • A floor plan showing a bird's eye view of the room layout

  • A shopping list with links to the products as well as purchasing information and detailed set-up instructions

  • Exceptional service and communication (you'll always hear from us within one business day!)


Full eDesign Packages

Single Room Design $1,500.00

Open Concept Room Design $1,950.00

Kitchen (finish and cabinetry selection) $950.00  

Space-planning $350.00  

Consult Packages

Phone/Facetime Consult 1 hour @ $125.00

In-House Consultation 2 hours @ $250.00 (within 20 miles of 01945 or 02135 only please)