Get The Look: #clientdrinkingpinotgreige

Time for the next installment of Get The Look, where we show you how to bring one of our designs home with you! This week we’re breaking down the living room rendering that earned the largest number of your votes. And there’s a lot to love about this soothing design! Vintage stoneware, the moody paintings of Tonalism, and muted tones of greige and moss were sources of inspiration for this project.

A couple quick things:

  • The photograph above the couch in the shoppable moodboard is from Unsplash, a really great resource for free downloadable art from independent photographers.  You can read more about it in this gallery wall blog post.

  • We gave you two options for the cane cabinet because the Industry West piece is fairly expensive and we wanted to include a more affordable option.

Happy curating!  



#ClientDrinkingPinotGreige Source List

  1. Photograph by Eric Muhr via

  2. Interior Define Sloan Sectional

  3. All Modern Stem 59” Floor Lamp

  4. The Shophouse Small Stoneware Jar  

  5. Boho Pillow Striped Hmong Lumbar

  6. Urban Outfitters Home Marte Storage Cabinet & Industry West Cane Wardrobe

  7. The Shophouse Pendleton Wool Throw

  8. One Affirmation Vintage Indian Wool Pillow Cover

  9. The Shophouse Onyx Horse Bookends

  10. Uusi Studio Risto Lumbar

  11. One Affirmation Chinese Wedding Blanket Pillow Cover

  12. Anthropologie Noir Tiered Coffee Table

  13. The Citizenry Java Rattan Ottoman

  14. Anthropologie Rhys Chair

  15. Wu & Mchugh Vintage Handmade Fishing Basket

  16. Fast Growing Trees Maurino Olive Tree  

  17. The Smiths, Nalinee Darmrong  

  18. Hide and Seek: The Architecture of Cabins and Hideouts, Sofia Borges

  19. The Shophouse Framed Equestrian Photograph

  20. Pottery Barn Courtney Ceramic Lamp Base

  21. Horne Calvo Side table

  22. McGee & Co. Sullivan Rug