Reader's Choice Week 2: An Elder Millennial's Living Room Makeover

The journey continues as we transform our elder millennial's home from a low-key frat house to the chic apartment of a functioning adult.  

Last week I showed you the before and after floor plans for our living room makeover and you voted on desk and chair options for the office area we're creating in the space.  This week I'm asking for your input on accessories, and next week I’ll be back with the completed rendering of our new office nook, so make sure you vote QUICKLY on these accessories because we’ve only got a few days left! If you haven’t voted yet on the desk and chair options, hop over to last week’s post and leave a comment with your favorites!

Here’s what I see as the basics we need to complete our office nook design:

  1. A lamp to provide ample light to work by

  2. Something on the wall to fill out the look

  3. A hanging planter to tie this corner in with the rest of the greenery-filled space

Just like last week, I’ve done some sourcing and now I’m asking YOU to decide which pieces make the final cut!  

Quick side note: Maybe it's the former teacher in me, but this is honestly my favorite part about the design process.  I love how at Trim we collaborate with our clients on their design, so that it truly feels personal to them instead of me just thrusting my vision onto them without seeking their input.  I never get offended or take it personally if a client doesn't love one of my suggestions; I see it as an opportunity to dig deeper into why they don't love it, what it is they do love, and how I can better assist them in finding the perfect solution.  

OK!  Back to the matter at hand: To decide which pieces to pull as options, I thought about the colors, textures, and materials already in the space as well as its “organic modern eclectic” vibe, which I want to enhance with the new additions.  (Note: Click on any image for the source link)

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 10.30.31 AM.png

Wall Art Options:

I’m going to eliminate the option of hanging a small grouping of frames, because with the small size of this nook and the amount of plants and other decor already in the room we could quickly veer into cluttered territory.  I selected the following single pieces that coordinate with the colors already in the room. For the art, I didn’t create my own nicknames for each piece out of respect for the names the artists chose themselves.

1) “Hills” by Lynne Millar via Jenny’s Print Shop

Price: $20 for digital file download  [Dimensions Ratio is 4:3 (would not have to be cropped for 24x30 frame)]

Pros: The downloadable file model is an affordable way to buy a print of a very beautiful painting, and these colors would look great in the space.  I also think the landscape as subject fits in well with all the the plants and natural wood in the room.

Cons: Going the downloadable art route means figuring out printing and framing (at additional cost) although with affordable options like Costco for printing and Framebridge for framing, it’s possible to keep the total cost significantly less than purchasing a pre-framed print.  It all depends on how much extra work you’re willing to do.

2) Photographic Print, “Bed” by Kati Dimoff via Eventide Collective

Price: $275 for 16” x 24” print, (includes matt and frame)

Pros: I love the feeling I get when I look at this photograph.  And the texture is stupendous and perfect for an organic modern design.  

Cons: Honestly, this image makes me feel so mellow and heady that it might not be the best thing to hang above a desk where I’m supposed to get sh*t done.  Also- I’d prefer a piece that’s vertically oriented to better fit the space.

3) Limited Edition Art Print, “black 01” by Catalina Somolinos via Minted

Price: $314 for an 18” x 24” print, float mounted in a matte brass frame (cheaper frame/matting options are available, but I think this combo works best)

Pros: Vertical orientation! This is one of those really versatile pieces that can work in almost any design, which is great and the dark lines would add some nice contrast.

Cons: It’s not cheap, but I did select one of the priciest frame and matting options (float mount).  

4) “River Runs Through It” Art Print from Chasing Paper

Price: $190 (includes frame) Print is 24 × 36 inches; total piece when framed is 26 × 38 inches

Pros: This is nice and big; it will nearly fill the wall space for maximum impact, but the pale color of the desert will keep it from feeling like too much.

Cons: This comes framed, but there’s no option for matting, which is really only a con if you’re a die-hard photo matter.

5) Made-to-Order Wall Hanging from Etsy shop Jujujust

Price: $520 (20” wide by 27” long)

Pros: These are made to order, so I can customize the colors to go perfectly with the room.  Not to mention this is just an incredibly fun and unique piece of fiber art and I’ve always wanted one of her pieces.  

Cons: Pretty pricey (not that it’s not worth every penny!) and I wish it was a teeny bit bigger.  For the record she does have bigger options, but they cost more and I’m trying not to get too crazy here.

Desk Lamp Options:

(I’m back with the fun nail-polish-style names now.)

1) “Pluto” from Chairish seller Bay Home Consignment

Dimensions: 8ʺW × 8ʺD × 21.5ʺL

Price: $200 (but there's an option to submit a lower bid)

Pros: This is a vintage ceramic lamp from the 1970s and I always like to go vintage when I can because it’s more sustainable, but also because I like the idea of a piece having history and a hidden story to it.  Also, I have this thing for perfectly round decor; I find it very appealing for reasons I’m not sure I really want to investigate too deeply. The color and mottled pattern on this cutie definitely say “organic modern” to me and the size is right for a small desk.

Cons: It’s unclear from the quality of this photo whether or not the shade is in good shape, so this might end up requiring a tiny bit of extra work to find a replacement shade.

2) “Magic Mushroom” from Schoolhouse

Fixture Dimensions: 8.25" diameter x 15.5" height

Price: $399

Pros: The brass works with the rest of the design and I like how this feels like a hybrid between a true task lamp and a table lamp, which is really pretty perfect for a desk that’s in a living room.

Cons: This piece is made-to-order and non-returnable, and at $399, we better be real sure that it’s THE ONE.


3) “Down to Brass Tasks” from Rejuvenation

Width 7" Height 24" Depth 12"

Price: $199

Pros: This would blend in well and get the job done; it’s a no-brainer choice.

Cons: This would blend in well and get the job done; it’s a no-brainer choice. (See what I did there?)


4) “Pleated Pottery” from West Elm

14"diam. x 22"h.

Price: $179

Pros: Checks all the boxes for color, texture and overall style.

Cons: It’s from a pretty popular chain store.


5) “Wicker While We Work” from Serena & Lily

9"W x 15.5"D x 26.5"H

Price: $328

Pros: Sleek minimalist lamp design with unexpected woven wicker shade? This lamp feels like a microcosm of the room.

Cons: If the wicker desk or one of the rattan chairs win the vote, this is a no-go.  My coastal-boho side loves a little wicker, but wicker-on-wicker is too much even for me.

Plant Hanger:

  1. Macrame Single Pot from Urban Outfitters Home

Price: $39 (pot included)

Pros: The pot is included and I like the matte finish of the ceramic pot and the soft, earthy tones.

Cons: I may need to add some S hooks to ensure this hangs low enough from the ceiling to get sufficient sunlight through the window.


2) Macrame Double Pot from Etsy Shop Macrame Made By Me  

Price: $30 (pots not included)

Pros: Double the plants = double the fun!

Cons: Pots not included and the lower pot might start to feel like it’s crowding someone working at the desk.


3) Handmade Ceramic Hanging Planter from Etsy Shop Jolanda Pineda Ceramics

Price: $35

Pros: I love Jolanda’s ceramics and even featured her in a recent post about potters of instagram! I mean look at that texture!

Cons: This is a tiny pot, so it won’t be able to hold a trailing vine like Pothos.

It's all in your hands now!  To help you make your decision, here's a pretty mood board with all your options side by side:

Vote by leaving a comment on this post listing your choice from each category.

Example:   art #2, lamp #4, planter #3

Check back next week for the reveal of the final design!