Bed Styling 101: Ten Simple Steps to a Beautiful Bed

Ever wonder how the beds you see in magazines look so magazine-y? Well, we’re sharing one bed-styling recipe that’ll turn your bed into a true centerfold overnight!

First, the Video:

First, take a look at this speeded-up version of me making the bed. It’ll give you a quick overview of what we’ll be dissecting today, step by step. Remember, we used to both be teachers in our former lives, so we love breaking down big ideas into simple, step-by-step guides you can follow!

Bed Styling 101: Simple Steps to a Magazine-Worthy Bed

Now that you’ve got the big picture. Let’s break it all down. Real Simple.

Bedmaking step 1

We love linen sheets! Linen is a natural temperature regulator—keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. It took a few washes before my husband warmed up to the feel of linen. So, if you do get linen sheets, you may want to wash them a few times before even using them. They soften with each wash.

Bedmaking step 2

Since this is a platform bed, it’s pretty easy to just get that whole bit hanging off the end of the bed neatly tucked under the mattress.

Hospital corners 1

Ahem…I don’t purport to be a true “hospital-corner-trained-sheet” type of gal. So, this is my version of hospital corners. So, no judgement zone, okay?!

hospital corners 2
Hospital Corners 3

Good enough though, right?!

Quilt Step

Or, if you’re feeling lazy like I am most every day, just do the whole tucking bit once with the sheet and coverlet/quilt on as though its one connected piece. The bed-making police are not going to come hunt you down, I promise.

Sleeping Pillows

Stacking your regular sleeping pillows this way gives the decorative pillows a nice place to prop up against.

Sham Pillows

I decided to use standard shams because I wanted a bit of the headboard to peek through. If you don’t love your headboard (or don’t have one), consider large, square Euroshams that will stand taller.

pillow arrangement

I told you I wouldn’t skimp on the details in this tutorial, didn’t I?

Decorative PIllows

Pillow-stuffing tip: Always get an insert that is one size larger than your pillow cover. So, if you’ve got a 20” square cover, buy a 22” square insert. This will give your pillows a nice, over-stuffed look. No one likes a droopy looking pillow.

Decorative Pillows 2_3

I empathize with those of you out there who, by this step in the game, know your partners will be like, “why do we need so many pillows on this bed when we only sleep with two of them?” Just trust that you know better than them. Some things are better left unexplained.

Lumbar Pillow

I like adding a lumbar because it’s an opportunity to tie several colors in the room together…or add an unexpected texture (like velvet here)…or an unexpected print (like green leopard).

Bed Runner

Fun fact: Ever wonder why every hotel room you sleep in has a bed runner at the end of the bed? It’s because that’s where people plop their bags and suitcases when they get there. The bed runner helps preserve the comforter underneath. I like adding a bed runner (or throw, or other beautiful folded textile) because it’s just one more opportunity to add layers and texture and color and pattern…and tie the whole room together.

Finished Bed



Pretty inviting, right? Don’t mind me, I’ll just be taking a short snooze right here…