Designer Duel! A Gen-Xer & a Millennial Share Their Uncensored Take On 2019's Hottest Trends

With the new year just a few short months away, we’re looking ahead at the trends poised to overtake those that have hit their peak: See ya’ millennial pink, mid century modern, and shiplap- it’s been fun, but we’re kind of over you.  But we’re not just making predictions. We’re sharing our uncensored opinions on these new kids, and since we hail from different generations, we don’t always see eye to eye!

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 11.22.14 AM.png

Tone on Tone

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Wall Murals

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Photo via de Gournay, design by Dina Bandman, photo by Christopher Stark.

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80s Sofas

Matte Black

Sherwin Williams Color of The Year: Cavern Clay

So, are you #TeamJen or #TeamAnnabel?

Did you stick with your generational counterpart or surprise yourself by siding with the other team?  

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