Why eDesign? 7 Ways eDesign Can Change Your Life

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But first...What is it?

You may have heard the term eDesign or seen an ad for a company that offers it, but do you know exactly what eDesign is all about?

Simply put, “eDesign” refers to interior design services offered via the Internet.

And the process is pretty simple. Rather than the in-person meetings and consultations of traditional interior design,  eDesign uses the Internet to connect interior designers with their clients--both near and far away. With the help of email, Skype, and other online platforms, designers determine what their clients are hoping for in their homes and they deliver a design plan to help them achieve it.

The Common Denominators in eDesign

eDesign varies depending on the design company you work with and the type of package you purchase, but there are some common denominators in the process. To start, you are typically asked to fill out a questionnaire about your current design situation, style preferences and renovation budget. You also send in photos and measurements of your space. The result: This does vary, but you will likely receive a mood board showing suggested items for your space (furniture, decor, paint colors...), a to-scale layout of the space with those items in place, and a shopping list with information on where to purchase everything.  Then, you get to implement the design plan at your own pace.

BUT, buyer beware: not all eDesign is created equal…(nothing like adding a little suspense, right?)

So, Why Choose Trim? (We’re so glad you asked!)

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1. Convenience

Just like Amazon, Instacart, and Blue Apron, eDesign offers unbeatable convenience that just wasn’t available before the age of the Internet. At Trim Design Co., we want the design process to be as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. So pour a glass of wine, put on your jammies, and snuggle up on the sofa with your laptop or phone! Now, you’re all set to begin. No need to schedule in-home meetings with us into your already hectic calendar. You get to give us all the information we need to transform your space whenever and wherever you’d like. As long as you can snap a few pics with your phone and you have a tape measure handy to take room measurements, you are on your way to having your ideal home designed for you. Depending on your preferences, we’ll communicate via phone, email or Skype as the design process unfolds.

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2. It's Fun!

Do you love imagining your ideal environment? Do you get inspired by images on Pinterest, Houzz, Instagram and in all the shelter magazines out there? Well, this is your chance to make that inspiration a reality. Think of eDesign at Trim as an interior design cocktail: a little bit of DIY mixed in with a whole lot of professional expertise. Magazines and Pinterest are great for inspiration, but all those images can also be incredibly overwhelming. You might love a brightly colored tribal rug in one picture and the clean, simple look of sisal in the next. But what does that mean for your own space? Let us cut through all the noise and zero in on the best design options for your individual environment. Avoid inspiration overload and enjoy the fun part of the design process with us guiding you at the helm.

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3. You are in total Control

Traditionally, the design fees involved in full-service interior design seemed shrouded in secrecy. It was difficult to know exactly how much you might ultimately end up paying for a room design plus all the new furnishings. At Trim, we’ve taken all the guesswork out of hiring a professional interior designer. Our pricing is fully transparent on our website. You purchase your design package up front based on the square footage of your space. We ask you how much your furnishings budget is and we stick to that number when we make our design selections for you. Then you get to purchase the items we recommend whenever you’d like. You’ll receive a clickable shopping list with direct links to every piece for your room, and you buy them when you want. So, even if you’re planning to renovate your living room but won’t be able to budget for it for another six months, you can still purchase your design package now, have a detailed plan in place, and implement it when the time is right for you.

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4. You get to see what it will look like

Our favorite part in all this is revealing the transformation of your space...before it is actually transformed! As part of your design package from Trim, you will receive a realistic 2-D rendering of your room, complete with all of our suggested furnishings, decor, paint, wallpaper, etc. in place. No more wondering, “will that light fixture really look O.K. over that dining table?” You’ll get to see it, before you order it.

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5. Not Near Boston? Not a Problem! 

Trim is located near Boston, MA but even if you’re in Tennessee or Tallahassee or Tulsa, absolutely no worries! That is the beauty of eDesign. We can work with you regardless of where you’re located. (And, if you are close by, we also offer an in-house consultation service so we can come to you for design dilemma help as well!).

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6. Full Customization

At Trim we pride ourselves on sourcing unique furnishings for your home. We want your home to look like you, not like a catalogue or a hotel room. Most eDesign companies only offer items that are available from large on-line retailers. At Trim, we make it a point to search for that needle in the haystack. We work with small, artisan vendors, vintage sellers, and companies that represent goods from across the globe so that your home will look as though it’s been layered over time with special, eye-catching pieces. No one wants a bedroom that looks like it came from a big-box store.


7. You Get US!

OK, we think saved the best for last!  Most eDesign companies are selling quick, churn-it-out room designs. They often employ a fleet of designers who are required to spit out a completed design in a few days. At Trim, you’re working with us: Annabel and Jen. And that’s it. We are at the core of our eDesign services. Our goal is to make eDesign as personal and individualized as traditional full-service interior design. We want to understand and deliver what you want. And to do that, we want to be available to you. Need to set up a phone call with us? Great! Let’s do it. At most other companies, clients are required to communicate with designers via a direct messaging system, or they communicate with a “project manager” that represents the designer whose style they’re hoping to emulate. Not at Trim. When you sign up for a design package with us, you know that you’re getting our guidance and expertise, always.

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Ready to get started? Hang on tight...our website is almost ready for action. Stay tuned for the formal launch date of Trim Design Co. and until then be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram (@trim_design_co), and Pinterest.