Finally…A Plan:

You get an achievable action plan to create the home you always wanted. (And a home that doesn’t look just like your neighbor’s!)  Teachers are experts at taking really big ideas and breaking them down into manageable, bite-size pieces that you can easily understand. That’s what Annabel & Jen, the design duo behind Trim, do best.

Expert Listeners: 

We excel at listening and observing. We take all the big ideas, dreams, and visions you have for your home and articulate them into a plan of attack that seems doable, not daunting. We give you the confidence and tools to implement that design plan at your own pace, when the time is right for you.

Our Secret Sauce:

You better believe we always add a good dose of unique vintage and artisanal pieces to your design plan to get that signature Bohoditional look that we describe as “Classic pieces; bohemian point of view.”


Why eDesign?

At Trim Design Co., we specialize in customized eDesign, perfect for your busy lifestyle. Trust us, you’ll love it! Find out more about how eDesign works here.

Why Trim?

Trim is the only eDesign firm incorporating vintage and artisanal items into every design, creating homes steeped in individuality.  Trim’s secret ingredient? Its cofounders: A millennial and Gen Xer creating beautiful spaces, neither too trendy nor too traditional, but always “so you.”

In-Person Interior Design Services?

Absolutely! If you live in the Boston area or on Boston’s North Shore and prefer in-person service and don’t want to DIY anything, we will come to you. From kitchen and bath renovations, to living room refreshes, we will take your space from blah to beautiful, start to finish. Let’s start with a phone call to talk more about your specific project needs.

Our Clients

Trim Design Co. is located in Swampscott, MA, just north of Boston. If you live in the Boston area or Boston’s North Shore, you’re in luck! We can come to you. You benefit from our in-home help and expertise AND the convenience of an eDesign plan.

Live farther afield? Perfect--our eDesign process was developed specifically with you in mind. It works seamlessly to help you create your ideal home--wherever you might live.

To find out which of our services might be the right fit for you, schedule a call with us.